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What to Do When Elderly Loved One’s Stop Eating


Many elderly people who are already in the terminal stages of their lives typically quit eating. Hospice aide who provides care for these elderly people is concerned about this.

Elderly patients receiving hospice services, frequently have diminished appetites. It is not the solution to make them eat. However, there are several difficulties you can solve to whet their hunger:

  • Swallowing and chewing challenges
    Several factors can make it difficult for your loved ones to chew and swallow. These can include weakened jaw muscles, tooth loss, or a disease that requires palliative care, such as some cancers. That is why our nursing assistants in Texas prepare foods that are softer and simpler to eat should be prepared.
  • Absence of vision
    Seniors who have moderate to severe vision loss find it difficult to view food clearly. They wouldn’t find the dish enticing and delicious. In this situation, providing colorful food might whet their hunger.
  • Additional signs, such as nausea, and constipation
    If someone is experiencing many symptoms, food appeal decreases even more. No one wants to eat when they are feeling sick or constipated. Make an appointment with a physician or a nurse to discuss this issue.

The health of your elderly family members can be taken care of by our hospice care in Houston, Texas. Our team will monitor every patient and make sure that they are receiving the nutrition according to their needs. It is our goal to always put them on top of their health. By Your Side Hospice offers a line of services that can cater to different situations of the elderly. We will focus on enhancing the patient’s quality of life and in preserving their dignity.

To know more about the services we offer, check our website. If you have concerns, talk to us right away for additional details!

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