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Why Grief Support Is Vital to Families


The grieving process is never simple. It is too difficult to deal with losing someone, especially someone close to you. At some point, the grief will become intolerable, which will cause depression. As a hospice services provider, we are aware of how tough it is to deal with the loss of a loved one.

That is why, as an assisted living facility, we provide bereavement support to families who just lost a loved one:

  • Provide bereavement counseling through specialized one-on-one or group programs before the patient’s death and after.
  • For at least thirteen months after the death of their loved one, a volunteer, staff member, or the hospice itself will help ensure maintaining regular touch with the bereaved family.

As a hospice care in Houston, Texas, we are aware that each person’s grieving process is unique and that no two grieving processes are the same. With your assistance, we ensure that you can get past your loss, come to terms with it, and accept what transpired.

By Your Side Hospice provide competent nursing assistants in Texas and services in addition to grief care. If you’re seeking aides and assistants who can give your loved one the following services, including

  • Helping them with their physical requirements
  • Assist in creating and coordinating a unique care plan.
  • Ensure that sickness symptoms are handled and under control

Thus, you are in the proper place and your care is in good hands. In our services, we provide all these attributes and goals. Check out our website for more information if you’re interested in learning more. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any additional questions or issues you have.

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