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The Benefits of Music Therapy


Patients with life-limiting diseases wish to spend their last moments in comfort. This is exactly why music therapy is for; to bring and maintain the patients’ level of comfort wherever they wish to receive Hospice services.

Music therapy is a practice that targets the social, emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs of the patient. Its goals may differ depending on the individual goals of the patient. Music therapists can evaluate and understand the patient’s need for treatment and provide the right therapeutic services for them.

By providing interventions like singing, songwriting, guided imagery, and so on, patients in Hospice Care in Houston, Texas can acquire these benefits:

  • Improved relaxation
    To be in constant pain and discomfort even with medical interventions can make a patient restless and agitated. With Nursing Assistants in Texas who can tend to their every need and provide them with comfort through music therapy, their feelings of anxiety and discomfort may be reduced. We strive to elevate their mood and outlook in life through music therapy.
  • Enriched personal relationships
    Music has a way of bringing loved ones together which is why music therapy is not only for the patient. Families and friends can take part in the therapeutic session to promote positive outcomes. When words fail, the patient can use music to articulate their thoughts and emotions to their loved ones. Apart from that, patients and their loved ones can retrospect and create meaningful memories together.

By Your Side Hospice offers quality music therapy along with other hospice services. We have a team of Hospice Aide and Medical Social Worker who can keep you and your loved ones company in these trying times.

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