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Signs You Need to Hire Respite Care

signs-you-need-to-hire-respite-careCaring for a senior loved one and assisting them in their ADLS is rewarding. However, it can also be stressful and overwhelming at times. It’s essential to determine the signs when you need a break. Read more below:

  • You have temper issues.
    Do you often lose your temper when providing personal care assistance or hospice services? It may be a sign of poor emotional regulation. If your patience is not like usual and you feel frustrated frequently, these are red flags you should not ignore. Being impatient can affect your relationship with your patient or loved ones.
  • You have irregular sleep.
    An irregular sleep schedule may signal stress and exhaustion. Working as nursing assistants in Texas may not be an easy feat. It makes others feel anxious as soon as they get into bed. Irregular sleep is not ideal for your health and takes a toll on your daily energy levels. Make sure to take a break!
  • You have no social life.
    Living a life outside of work is essential for everyone. For caregivers, building relationships and fostering social connections help maintain independence and self-esteem. If you can hardly make time for social activities, it’s a sign you need respite care.

At By Your Side Hospice, we offer respite care for up to five consecutive days to give the family a needed break. We also cover other services, including hospice care in Houston, Texas, bereavement care, music therapy, skilled nursing, and many more. Give us a call at 346-213-3695 today for more information.

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