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Can Your Loved One Benefit From Music Therapy?


We hear sounds all around us: the ringing of a doorbell, the jangling keys, the bark of your furry pet welcoming you home, and the voice of a reporter on television. Each sound, when combined artfully with the use of instruments, creates music, and music brings us entertainment or peace of mind. At our assisted living facility, we offer music therapy!

As part of our hospice services, we provide music therapy, as it can help patients improve their quality of life. Music is proven to reduce stress levels because it is a powerful form of art that brings calmness and healing. So who can benefit from this wonderful type of treatment? Music therapy can improve the following health conditions:

Your loved one deserves to have time to relax with all the pain and struggles they face with their terminal illness. Music therapy, along with the loving and expert care of our nursing assistants in Texas, are sure to give them that much-deserved experience!

We understand how overwhelming it can be to deal with certain matters when your mind is occupied with your loved one’s situation. We are more than ready to also offer you a medical social worker from our team to ease the burden on your shoulders.

Most of all, our music therapy service is not just for the patient; we also offer it to you, the primary caregiver, and the rest of the family. For excellent hospice care in Houston, Texas, contact By Your Side Hospice!


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