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Caring for Mental Health during Bereavement Support


Losing a loved one or knowing that you are going to lose a loved one can affect someone’s mental and emotional health in more ways than one. Dealing with grief, especially when you are not ready, can be very challenging. As such, knowing where to find support and mental help resources is essential to living your life after death.

As such, By Your Side Hospice offers professional and compassionate hospice services alongside our bereavement support for family members in grieving. Being hospice care providers, our team understands the toll of suddenly losing a loved one. If you suffer all alone, you are never the same afterward.

Thus, our bereavement support focuses on offering grief & bereavement counseling through individual & group programs before and after the patient’s death. Our experts on hospice care in Houston, Texas, will also maintain regular contact with the family for up to thirteen months after the death of the patient.

Bereavement support is important in so many aspects. Grieving persons have the right and responsibility to do their grief work in their way, to interpret their loss, make choices that are right for them, and determine the quality and direction of their lives.

Guaranteed, we focus on enhancing not just the patient’s quality of life, dignity, and end-of-life issues, but the family’s, as well. Our team of nursing assistants in Texas will provide education for the patient, family, and community to further emphasize the importance of hospice care for both the dying and the family they are leaving behind.

For more information about our hospice care, feel free to reach out to our hospice aide today.

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